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1831 West Jackson Street Macomb IL 61455 US

· If your car was towed and it is after regular business hours, CALL 1-309-833-2269 to arrange pick up of your vehicle.

· During normal business hours you can stop by our impound yard to release your vehicle.

· Your vehicle will be released only after your impound fee is paid in full!

· If your vehicle remains on our lot over 24 hrs you will be assessed a storage fee.

In the event that your vehicle has been impounded by a police department, the following is a general guideline of the necessary paperwork you will need in order to claim your vehicle.

1. Valid Driver's License and/or Government Issued Photo Identification Card (passport, military ID card, state issued ID card)

2. Proof of Ownership – Vehicle title, Vehicle Registration, Bill of Sale, Valid Insurance policy

3. All fees are to be paid in Cash / Visa / MasterCard

4. If a "Hold" has been placed on your vehicle by any police agency, you must obtain a release from that agency before the vehicle can be released.

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